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David Elimelech

A crisp sun-filled side street and ginger tea awaited for the first meeting with David Elimelech. Not a name immediately familiar to those outside Tel Aviv
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Lerosa: Bucket of Eggs

‘Bucket Of Eggs’ LP reaffirms the consistently unconventional process and sounds that Lerosa has perfected in the past decade and continues to surprise with consistently remarkable results.

Jensen Interceptor & Sync 24

Jensen Interceptor and UK electro maestro Sync 24 team up to provide us with a special all-acid mix drinking to the timeless source of inspiration that is Roland’s 1982-born bass synth, aka the legendary TB-303. Buckle up and get ready for an insane ride, this one’s going to pin you to the seat from start to finish.

Jared Wilson: I Love Acid 017

Staying with the theme of fresh talent – in relative terms of acid house legacy – ‘I Love Acid 017’ sees Detroit producer Jared Wilson join the ranks. For the last ten years, he’s been cutting a path through some of the most boisterous labels on the scene, bouncing between his own 7777 imprint to the likes of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Dolly and Super Rhythm Trax.

L Neils: Beta EP

The perfect balance between danceability and off-beat patterns, deftly push-pulling kosmische synth ascensions and vaporous acid trails to leave you dazed.

Steve Cobby & Trudie Dawn Smith: We Start Over

With the past years being dominated by techno and then ambient, International Feel are truly heralding the year of Balearic. Lower those tempos, widen your scope and break out the smiles.

Johnny Superglu: Rambo Village EP

Johnny Superglu’s prior releases on Plynt demonstrate cheerful but tweaked out electro-funk. This time he’s gone for something colder and darker, which based on this instance is certainly a step in the right direction.

Paranoid London: Paranoid London

About as purist as it gets, shadowy London outfit Paranoid London draws from the rawest period of acid house without ever succumbing to throwback.