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Jensen Interceptor & Sync 24

Jensen Interceptor and UK electro maestro Sync 24 team up to provide us with a special all-acid mix drinking to the timeless source of inspiration that is Roland’s 1982-born bass synth, aka the legendary TB-303. Buckle up and get ready for an insane ride, this one’s going to pin you to the seat from start to finish.

Jared Wilson: I Love Acid 017

Staying with the theme of fresh talent – in relative terms of acid house legacy – ‘I Love Acid 017’ sees Detroit producer Jared Wilson join the ranks. For the last ten years, he’s been cutting a path through some of the most boisterous labels on the scene, bouncing between his own 7777 imprint to the likes of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Dolly and Super Rhythm Trax.

L Neils: Beta EP

The perfect balance between danceability and off-beat patterns, deftly push-pulling kosmische synth ascensions and vaporous acid trails to leave you dazed.

Johnny Superglu: Rambo Village EP

Johnny Superglu’s prior releases on Plynt demonstrate cheerful but tweaked out electro-funk. This time he’s gone for something colder and darker, which based on this instance is certainly a step in the right direction.

Paranoid London: Paranoid London

About as purist as it gets, shadowy London outfit Paranoid London draws from the rawest period of acid house without ever succumbing to throwback.

Ro Maron: Collected

An interesting compilation of work from a producer whose role in the formation of dance music as we’ve later come to know it is undervalued, but one which may have benefitted from being a little less comprehensive.

Mark Forshaw: Explorer EP

Mark Forshaw’s Explorer EP doesn’t depart from the tentacular and daring approach that characterizes his sound. It’s perhaps even the most representative example of his well-tried technique and wide-scope of influences to date.