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Premiere: Sleem Gleam – Lava Barrels At High Tide

Minneapolis based Kajunga Records is readying its first release of 2024, the debut from label co-founder Ry Johnson’s new project Sleem Gleam.

Made of Magma‘ serves up four scorching tracks ready to ignite the dancefloor. Where his long-running Ryote moniker shows off deep house and club sonics, Sleem Gleam hits you with high energy acid cuts that will thrust you deep into the pit, glow sticks and fog machines included.

Our pick for today’s premiere is the A-side opener, “Lava Barrels At High Tide“. Starting off with a buoyant beat, squiggly 808s kick in and take the track on a wave of good vibes. The track is an exciting riff on classic tropes, with a throwback mood that’s reverent to its influences without being a museum piece.

Synth lines build, crest, and re-form in an instant, as “Lava Barrels” keeps a consistent, driving tempo. Johnson leads the Sleem Gleam project off with a tune that’s sure to please fans of the genre and push his production skills further into the grimy, burbling depths of acid.

‘Made of Magma’ is scheduled for release on 17 May via Kajunga Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Lava Barrels At High Tide
2. Totally Pitted
3. Cosmic Rip Current
4. Lobotomy Party