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Premiere: Nina Indi – East Wind

Athens-based record label Ferma prepare to unleash their second physical release in the form of a 12-inch compilation named ‘Code Of Conduct‘.

Limited to just 200 units, the compilation brings together four producers exploring a distinct blend of digitised breaks, neo-oriental EBM and trance-inspired electro. Contributors include Tripalium Corp’s affiliate Fobos Hailey, Minsk-born producer Nina Indi, Alonzo and Ferma’s mainstay Betek.

Our pick is by Belarusian producer Nina Indi. Thunderous breaks are woven with obscure bass oscillations and trance-infused arpeggios evoking eerie mermaid chants, whipped up into high-speed whirlwinds orchestrated by Eurus, one of the wind gods of ancient Greece.

‘Code Of Conduct’ is scheduled for release on 16th May via Ferma Records. Order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


1. Alonzo – Jealous Eyes
2. Betek – The After March
3. Nina Indi – East Wind
4. Fobos Hailey – Close Your Eyes