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L Neils: Beta EP

The perfect balance between danceability and off-beat patterns, deftly push-pulling kosmische synth ascensions and vaporous acid trails to leave you dazed.

Steve Cobby & Trudie Dawn Smith: We Start Over

With the past years being dominated by techno and then ambient, International Feel are truly heralding the year of Balearic. Lower those tempos, widen your scope and break out the smiles.

Johnny Superglu: Rambo Village EP

Johnny Superglu’s prior releases on Plynt demonstrate cheerful but tweaked out electro-funk. This time he’s gone for something colder and darker, which based on this instance is certainly a step in the right direction.

Paranoid London: Paranoid London

About as purist as it gets, shadowy London outfit Paranoid London draws from the rawest period of acid house without ever succumbing to throwback.

Ro Maron: Collected

An interesting compilation of work from a producer whose role in the formation of dance music as we’ve later come to know it is undervalued, but one which may have benefitted from being a little less comprehensive.

Mark Forshaw: Explorer EP

Mark Forshaw’s Explorer EP doesn’t depart from the tentacular and daring approach that characterizes his sound. It’s perhaps even the most representative example of his well-tried technique and wide-scope of influences to date.

Dez Williams: Strength in Numbers

Following two top quality releases by newcomer Allison Chanic and Japanese producer Imugem Orihasam, the United Arab Emirates based Bedouin Records outlet returns with a third delivery signed by techno-savvy Dez Williams.

D’Marc Cantu: Long Weekend EP

All three tracks on offer here manage to conjure idiosyncratic sonic landscapes; wholesome, heady and vibrant cocktails of aural colour that you’d struggle to put down and before you realise, they’re gone.

Posthuman: Hecatism

A1 Hecatism
A2 Hecatism (Damon Martin Remix)
B1 Hecatism (PORK INTL Remix)
B2 Helioshock

Various: Uncanny Valley 003

1. One Day in Metropia – Night Train
2. Credit 00 – Eiserne Lunge
3. Stefan Lohse – Fog Patches
4. Projektname Unbekannt – Dresden, den 15.05.2005