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Premiere: Fear-E – Surreal

Since 2009, French imprint Zone have been releasing their own brand of robust dancefloor gear in line with the vision of co-founders Alex Reynaud, David Rimokh and The Hacker. If there’s a thread that runs throughout their varied discography, it’s perhaps a punky rebellious spirit.

That feeling courses through the label’s next assignment, a tribute to the late great Andrew Weatherall by Fear-E. The Glaswegian producer dedicates ‘Don’t Let The Grubby Little Opportunists Get You Down’ to the pioneering British artist. It’s a collection of acid tracks that Weatherall would have most likely loved.

Our pick from the release is ‘Surreal’. Airy pads quickly give way to a granular synth riff that lends the track tonnes of propulsive energy. There’re jacking claps in abundance too. Make no mistake, this is a no-nonsense club tool of the finest kind.

‘Don’t Let The Grubby Little Opportunists Get You Down’ is scheduled for release 9 December via Zone. Order a copy.


1. Farewell Swordsman
2. Once Upon a Time Midland Street
3. Surreal
4. Lunatic Orchestra