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Premiere: Hassan Abou Alam – Up

Based in the Italian city of Bergamo, Pho Bho Records clearly draw inspiration from afar. Riffing on the idea of varied ingredients and inspired by co-founder Matteo’s travels in Vietnam, the label seeks to create a musical recipe all their own. Their forthcoming 6-track V/A is a fresh batch of club tracks by producers from far and wide.

Hassan Abou Alam’s name has been popping up a fair bit lately. With appearances on Needs, Casa Voyager and Naive, plus recording a podcast for our sister mix series Newtype Rhythms, the Egyptian artist has asserted himself as an expert in the field of contemporary rave science.

Our pick from ‘Inverted Echoes’ is the glitchy techno track ‘Up’. Those who have been following his work will recognise his bassy and blistering style. Those who haven’t should start paying attention.

‘Inverted Echoes’ is scheduled for release 13 December via Pho Bho Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Nero Zang – Nassau
2. Oblako Maranta – Tigers of Java
3. Pletnev – Ti Ne Pravilno Menja Ponyal
4. Matteo Coffetti – Hidden Galaxy
5. Camboja – Ghosting
6. Hassan Abou Alam – Up