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Redshape lines up ‘Acid Leak’ on Running Back

Redshape lines up a new extended player on Gerd Janson’s imprint Running Back in June, serving up four slippery acid soaked bangers.

Following the slammin’ ‘Off Screen / Plan B‘ single in March, ‘Acid Leak‘ shows how “the masked producer continues to find new approaches to the 303 canon,” as the label writes. The title track is rooted in 90’s rave aesthetics, complete with synth strings, but has enough soul not to feel like hollow nostalgia bait.

Whether you were old enough, or alive, to experience acid techno’s heyday, look no further. Redshape has you covered when you need a pick me up on the morning commute or an adventurous track at the club.

‘Acid Leak’ is scheduled for release on 2 June via Running Back. Order a copy form Bandcamp.


1. Acid Leak
2. Wing Wing
3. Acid Flow
4. Frantic