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D’Marc Cantu: Long Weekend EP

All three tracks on offer here manage to conjure idiosyncratic sonic landscapes; wholesome, heady and vibrant cocktails of aural colour that you’d struggle to put down and before you realise, they’re gone.


Tapirus is the second alias from Rotterdam based musician Charlton Ravenberg who also produces as Charlton. With his Tapirus moniker Charlton delivers a more acid inclined
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Dungeon Acid

Commemorating our 100th mix and 5 years of Inverted Audio we’re proud to present the first of a new series of specially recorded 100% live performances
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MPIA3: Your Orders

A. Crusty Juice
B1. Mountain of Ash
B2. Roly Poly Babs
C. Acid Banger
D1. Your Orders
D2. Ridge Way