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Tin Man lines up ‘Hidden Acid’ EP on Acid Test

Johannes Auvinen, the 303 master known as Tin Man, is no stranger to straight up acid techno burners. Across a vast discography, from singles to lengthy compilations, Tin Man channels a groove and lets it roll.

As we begin to wind down from Summer and look ahead to the laid back club revelries of Autumn, Tin Man steps up to deliver ‘Hidden Acid‘ on Acid Test, a platter of “romantic acid variations, especially tailored for unforgettable dancefloor revelations”.

Looking to “early and proto-house roots” for inspiration, the 4-track EP proves that when the formula works, why try and fix it. The title track kicks it off with the producer’s trademark squiggly synths paired with crisp beats.

‘Hidden Acid’ is scheduled for release on 8th September via Acid Test. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Hidden Acid
2. Swaying Acid
3. Running Acid
4. Wrapped Up Acid