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Premiere: Personal Sauveur – The Kalamari People

Today, Poland via Belgium-based record label Huveshta Rituals release a four-track EP from Warsaw-based production trio Personal Sauveur – made up from solo producers Tamten, Ivan Bayor, and Kreshik.

Following the release of an 18-track compilation ‘Clairvoyance Is The Dance‘ featuring Munir, Obeka, Yuto Takei, Cheb Runner, Peter Graf York, and others. Huveshta Rituals latest release ‘Levorotatory’  (anti-clockwise) presents a psych-kraut fiction, transporting listeners into the shady streets of Stara Praga (Warsaw).

Personal Sauveur join forces to unleash Poland from the evil Christian church and promote a return to Slavic paganism. ‘Levorotatory‘ spans an unexpected spectrum of tropes, flittering between abstract slang-like lyrics, celestial coldwave, eastern melodies and archaic synth-wave. Our pick from the release is ‘The Kalamari People‘ – delving into neo-tribal battle cry rituals, cheery calypso harmonies and ancestral drum work.

‘Levorotatory’ is scheduled for release on 22nd August via Huveshta Rituals. Order a vinyl copy from Inverted Audio Store.


1. Hydra Psalm
2. Bania Maryja
3. Praga Medina
4. The Kalamari People
5. Kikimora