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Juergen Vonbank lines up ‘The Blue Soul’ LP on Night Defined Recordings

Following a limited edition cassette in 2021, Night Defined Recordings label boss Juergen Vonbank lines up his second solo album in September, serving up 8 aquatic blends of leftfield house and experimental ambient electronics soundtracking the colour blue.

Spanning 8 tracks, ‘The Blue Soul‘ is pressed on crystal clear vinyl – suggestive of the scenic crystalline waters of the Adriatic Coast. From the start, the Austrian producer dives deep into meditative electronics, with a sprinkling of tracks raising the tempo with sonar-like frequencies and Drexciyan tropes.

Our pick from the LP is self-titled track ‘The Blue Soul‘ – emanating raw deep house and low-slung flavours, this one shimmers with loose 808 drum work and is by far the deepest cut from the release.

‘The Blue Soul’ LP is scheduled for release on the 15th September via Night Defined Recordings. Order a vinyl copy from Inverted Audio Store and digital from Bandcamp.


1. Widerness
2. The Blue Soul
3. E Go
4. Slf
5. Lost Appendix
6. Ephemera
7. Unitled
8. Apart (ft. Anna Stoern)