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Seanaps Festival confirm lineup for seventh edition in Leipzig

Taking place in Leipzig between 21st – 24th September, the seventh edition of Seanaps Festival is primed to bring together a trans-disciplinary array of experimental musicians, artists and contemporary culture.

Centred on the theme of ‘Composing Future‘ – Seanaps Festival explores the cultural and political significance of festival culture in society, its role in various communities, and its contribution to cultural and humanistic development.

Spanning four days, six locations, nine live concerts and contributions from over 20 artists, the program consists of the presentation of installations, interventions in public space, DJ sets and a two-day intergenerational discourse and workshop program that will also be the initiator for a label network meeting with presentations and panel discussions.

As part of the opening concert, sound artist Anna Schimkat presents for the first time ever ‘A Timeless Movement in Socks‘ in Techne Sphere Leipzig. Over the course of three hours, the installation will become an instrument and starting point for performance.

Other highlights include Australian sound artist and composer Felicity Mangan, experimenting with timbres and biorhythmic patterns of her field recording archive to create quasi-bio-acoustic music. Catch Felicity Mangan on 22 September at Westflügel.

Wild Terrier Orchestra – a new collaborative project by Dimitris Papadatos, aka Jay Glass Dubs, based on interchangeability and open improvisation. A newer, freer incarnation of Papadatos’ creative intent, the projects act more like an open container of disparate and idiosyncratic contributions from a mutable cast of musicians and artists. Catch Wild Terrier Orchestra perform on 22 September at West Wing Leipzig.

Wilted Woman – the primary music alias of EL Davis, active as a performer, composer, and radio artist. She has released over 20 records to date on labels such as Alien Jams, Primitive Languages ​​/ Psychic Liberation, Phantasy, Palto Flats and Stenze Quo. Catch Wilted Woman perform on 23 September at West Wing Leipzig.

Berlin-based artist and engineer Adrián de Alfonso Prieto-Puga aka Don The Tiger is set to delve into using multiple FM transmitters, he occupies specific FM frequencies to amplify his sources and mics, allowing attendees carrying an FM radio to actively participate in the shaping of the music. The unrestricted use of the radios in the space enables attendees to play with sonic phenomena such as reverberation, delay, distortion, interference or feedback, creating an unpredictable and unique sonic context for the performance.

Day Tickets start at €15.40. Check out the Seanaps Festival website to view a day-by-day breakdown of the events and learn more about the artists taking part for this very special event.

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