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Premiere: Mistakes – La marche du lézard

Following a string of deconstructed club tropes from artists including Wanton Witch, Lyra Valenza and De Grandi, French record label TV Showw line up their twelfth release courtesy of Parisian producer Mistakes delivering a 10-track album navigating a course through ambient technology and computerised joy.

Co-founder of Sample Delivery Records and also identified as DJ Suzmo, ‘Embryo‘ is being issued under a novel production alias Mistakes. Our pick is ‘La marche du lézard‘ – a confounding attack of hyperbolic rhythms, hallucinatory bells, and decoded synthesisers that is taken from a savage reptile fiction. You’ll be taken straight away to a parallel universe where small people use their chubby fingertips to control computer sounds.

‘Embryo’ is scheduled for release 1st of September via TV Showw. Order a CD copy from Bandcamp.


1. 91
2. Embryo
3. Spring Rain
4. What Have You Done
5. La marche du lézard
6. What’s My Age Again
7. Semblant
8. Papillon
9. Sleep Well Theme
10. 95