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Premiere : gonima – Inevitable State

Three years since their inaugural release, Chicago-based art collective and record label Satellite Era line up their first album, courtesy of Montreal-based artist Evan Magoni aka gonima.

Following appearances on Munich record label Slam City Jams, Canadian outlet Ancient Robot and Texan imprint SVNSET WΛVES – ‘Escapism‘ delves deep into hi-fidelity Braindance amalgamated with intricate sound design and crystalline IDM. Telefon Tel Aviv fans, take note.

Our pick from the release is ‘Inevitable State‘ – featuring complex digital arrangements, combining syncopated drum breaks, glitched impressions and momentary glimpses of lulling whispers. Whom should we put more faith in? Our world? Our dreams? gonima advises against over-worrying excessively, you might benefit from a well-earned nap.

‘Escapism’ is scheduled for release 15th of September via Satellite Era. Order a CD copy from Bandcamp.


1. Aspect
2. Monostable
3. Turning
4. Blip (Lush Version)
5. Escapism
6. Sculpt3-spaces
7. Imminence
8. Inevitable State
9. Soft Mirror
10. Untitled 2 (feat. operaa)
11. Doors Of The Mind
12. Places, Things
13. Resonating Bodies