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Premiere: De Grandi – Laguna

Every club night has a track that makes you wait with baited breath, a tune that hits all the right notes from beginning to end. From the moment that is buzzes in the background of a transition, to the breakdown and all the way to the payoff – feeling that exhilaration is rare, and even rarer to bottle into a track to repeat itself every time. Well, De Grandi just did that with his latest ‘11-100-JAILLE’ EP, and the dance floor will never be the same again once people hear “Laguna”.

De Grandi isn’t a stranger to creating vivid dance floor experiences; he’s one of the forefathers of the Bérite sound in Paris and founder of the Paradoxe Club label, putting out music from contemporaries that sing with creativity and brusqueness simultaneously. This time, things are a bit different – as he has now left Paris to settle into the comforts of Brussels, and put out an EP of brand-new material on Parisian imprint TV Showw, with “Laguna” being the audacious banger that people will lose their minds over.

Whether people latch onto its full-frontal transient melodies, booming bass, invigorating atmosphere, or that magnificent drop – the end result is the same: once you hear it, you’re going to want to hear it again and again, preferably on a good sound system.

‘Laguna’ is scheduled for release 24 January via TV Showw. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. TTP
2. Laguna
3. Merce La Zone
4. My Volvo, My Rules (-555- Mix)
5. 2.75 €

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