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Premiere: Chevel – Fed Enough

Italian experimental maestro Chevel is set to release ‘Elvine Unlocked‘ – a six-track EP of supercharged experimental music on 14 February.

Announced along with a sample pack at the end of 2019, ‘Elvine Unlocked‘ summons a discombobulating suite of sounds that mirror the cyclonic artwork for the release. Chevel’s experimentation is fully developed, self-evident throughout the release, but opening shot ‘Fed Enough’ is the perfect example.

Forceful punches of sound, striated with colour, construct a power-ambient palette of sound. Each stroke is confident, a true statement and no consequence of circumstance. In the wake of each keystroke is a slowly intensifying glimmer, revealing itself like an iterative scan of some buried ruin. False colour creeps into the audio imagery, painting the picture with a pixelated approximation of what lies beyond sight.

The crescendo, reached through stumbling yet determined steps, shimmers and vanishes in an instant. The grainy texture, previously an augmentation, now resurfaces and bears up the eventual resurgence of energy. Now, more confident, the track strides toward the finish line in giant steps.

Simultaneously mysterious and fully explained, ‘Fed Enough’ is a commanding piece of experimental music, which leaves little wiggle room once you’re in its grasp — a sensation that lingers like déja vú throughout the rest of the material.

‘Elvine Unlocked’ is scheduled for release 14 February 2020 via Enklav. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Fed Enough
2. lvine Unlocked
3. Cut
4. Swamped
5. Knickerbocker
6. Late Bloomer

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