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Best Albums of 2018

Having kept our opinion quiet over the past two years, we’ve compiled what we believe to be the best albums of 2018.

Vester Koza: loader mither

Vester Koza’s debut album on Houndstooth takes an intriguing look back over the nineties dance music scene. You may not think that statement alone is particularly unusual, however the IDM slant of ‘loader mither’ sets itself apart from other retrospectively minded works that mine the strait-laced tropes of the era.

Pariah: Here From Where We Are

“Here From Where We Are” is a richly textural, densely organic album, an absorbing venture into a sonic biosphere formed from the sounds of living matter. A record made with machines but spiritually rooted in the primeval muck from which we emerged.

Throwing Snow: Embers

In a world where the average person gives a track seven seconds for a hook to manifest, make sure time is set aside before deciding to experience ‘Embers’. An album in the truest sense of the word, it flourishes when play is pressed on track one and silence only resumes after the suite of fourteen reaches its end.

Call Super: New Life Tones

Call Super’s “New Life Tones” demonstrates Seaton’s lessons learnt in (de)constructing his album and ability to piece together the disparate influences of techno into new forms.

Guy Andrews: Our Spaces

“Our Spaces” is absurdly crammed with powerhouse belters, of blistering and emotive electronic music, of tentative air and formidable listening. In its entirety, Guy Andrews has created a perfect mix of otherworldly techno and distorted post-rock, strewn together then torn right back up again, a palpable irony against the laws of electronic music, that works so, so well.