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Premiere: Wordcolour – Juno

On his ‘Juno Way’ EP on London’s Houndstooth, Wordcolour strengthens his sound design, hitting dulcet tones that reverberate inwardly just as much as they do outwardly.

Previously releasing on Spanish label Lapsus Recordings, the London-based producer emboldens his already expansive array of genre-bending compositing, playfully veering between BPMs, breaks, and bold percussion with a delightful whimsy that is irresistible upon first listen; and nothing captures that better on this record than “Juno“.

Simply put, it’s a lush roller in every sense of the word — carefully constructed live drum kits, breaks between the brushes, gorgeous synths, gripping keys, stirring strings and sun-kissed atmospherics — all engulfed by calming vocal samples.

If one ever needs a break from the reality we’re currently occupied in, this would to do the trick to transport oneself far off into a brighter, more vibrant setting.

‘Juno Way’ is scheduled for release 13 November via Houndstooth. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Breathless
2. Juno
3. I Waited For You This Morning