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Premiere: Green-House – Desire Path

Following an inaugural solo album in 2021 and limited edition cassette in 2022, American duo Green-House (Olive Ardizoni & Michael Flanagan) prepare to release their sophomore LP through Matthewdavid’s LA-based Leaving Records offering a pensive new-age soundtrack to address the concept of “solastalgia”, the longing and distress experienced by individuals as a response to environmental change/degradation.

Drawing on the works of American evolutionary biologist Lynn Margulis and the burgeoning understanding of the evolutionary role of biological mutualism (associations between species in which both species benefit), ‘A Host For All Kinds of Life‘ is said to be a deeply entrenched and politically grounded song suite.

Now working with long-time collaborator and confidant, Michael Flanagan, the album presents a deeply emotive body of music, resonating organic soundscapes interweaved with blissful sonics and timeless ambiance. It’s the perfect match for morning rituals and meditative moments. Our pick from the album is third track ‘Desire Path‘ thanks to its slow-motion melody and seemingly detuned ambiance, exhibiting a brooding and inevitable end of summer vibe.

‘A Host For All Kinds of Life’ is scheduled for release on 13th October via Leaving Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Coquina
2. Lichen Maps
3. Desire Path
4. Castle Song
5. Far More Other
6. Luna Clipper
7. Ferndell Shade
8. A Host For All Kinds Of Life
9. Everything Is Okay
10. Many Years Later