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Premiere: Hari Sima & Mínim – Tiberis

Six months since the release of ‘Defragmentierte Assoziationen‘ from Cristov, Valencia-based record label Abstrakce line up ‘Fluvius‘ LP from production duo Hari Sima & Mínim.

Over the years of composing in the 4-piece group Mecánica Clásica, experimental musician Juanvi Mínim joins forces with Hari Sima to deliver 8-tracks of ancestral soundscapes entwining Fourth World melodies, new age experiments and meditative ambient mantras as they flow along the shores of a liquified poetry.

Our pick from the album is ‘Tiberis‘. Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri, the track conveys a sense of tranquility with its multilayered polyrhythms that evoke skimming stones reflected in sparkling torrents, celestial soundscapes and space-delayed FX frequencies. Engulfing listeners in a state of deep anesthesia.

‘Fluvius‘ LP is scheduled for release 2nd May via Abstrakce Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Pu-rat-tu
2. Idigina
3. Iteru
4. Sindhu
5. Tiberis
6. Drichu
7. Urupampa
8. Hwang-Ho