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Premiere: Innsyter – Local Fantasy

You may know him as Seixlack or Innsyter, and his forthcoming eponymous LP on Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. is about to get you acquainted with his Fernando moniker. As experienced over a handful of releases on L.A. Club Resource, 777, X-Kalay and more, Brazilian producer Fernando Seixlack likes to blur the lines and put his listener off the scent as to what is to expect from every new record of his; a shape-shifting nature not dissimilar to that of fellow LACR boss Delroy Edwards.

On his newest ‘Magnetic Healing‘ EP, due out very briefly on the ever consistent¬†Contort Yourself, Innsyter’s love for “mournful, post-punk inspired melodies” blossoms with further magnitude and depth. Streaming over our channels today, ‘Local Fantasy‘ is a faded post-romantic meandering into the darkest recesses of a lover’s tortured mind, halfway a disillusioned John Maus ballad and Suicide meets Jandek bleached-out folk pop tropes. Dipped in a thick sauce of tape saturations, tides of dusty riffs and slo-mo drums beat an anesthetic cadence, and Seixlack emphasises on the eerie character of it all to create a cut as oddly enticing as it is gently haunting.

Magnetic Healing EP is released via Contort Yourself on 3rd September, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Desintegrado
A2. Bries
A3. Risadinha
A4. Local Fantasy
B1. Arame Farpado (Version2)
B2. In the Spell
B3. Superficial Love
B4. Modus Operandi IV
B5. Forest Shaman

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