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Premiere: Coeur – Thick String

You like your house filtered and deep? Softly candied yet seasoned with just the right amount of blurred atmospherics and groovy intricacies? French up-and-comer Coeur is your man.

Set to release his debut ‘Art Of War‘ 12″ on the freshly inaugurated Trusted Meds Music (which hints at a seriously busy 2019 season, professing “big things” ahead), the Parisian producer flaunts the variety of his talents within the 4/4 scope with subtlety and refinement; facilely alternating out-and-out dancy sequences with more off-kilter rhythmic digressions and multi-textural interplays.

Our pick ‘Thick String‘ sits defiantly on the edge between untamed electroid tendencies and the ambient waterline, fusing the bleepy playfulness of one with the alluring serenity of the other. Slowly emulsifying the physicality of its drums and bass through an increasingly abstract sound design upholstered with vaporous pads and other airy synth motifs, Coeur delivers a track both oddball and captivating, far off the restrictive standards of functional club music. Wicked stuff.

Art Of War EP is released via Trusted Meds Music on 15th September, pre-order a copy from deejay.de.


A1. Dinguzer
A2. Thick String
B1. Lawrence D
B2. Trenolo
B3. 49 RDC (époque poly)

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