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Premiere: / / / / – L.T.C.

Following up to his promising debut release from last year, ‘A‘, mysterious Hamburg-based artist / / / / returns to Seattle’s Jungle Gym Records with the lavish ‘____+‘, a further compelling assortment of dreamlike electronics, sun-kissed atmospheres and laid-back soul healers for the late summer days.

Through eight cuts of the finest ilk, the German producer weaves a troubled and troubling coming-of-age tale, nurtured in innocence but set for a new journey beyond the boundaries of youth and naiveté. Clad in luscious textures and multi-layered synth ramifications, / / / /’s album evokes this crucial passage via an endearingly luminous prism, marrying the vibrancy of glassy surfaces – or is it a mirror maze of appearances? – with the profoundness of intimate teenage wounds.

Lifted from the present package, ‘L.T.C.‘ is a track that roots deep in vivid kodachrome shades and teeming organicity, conjuring a large-scope reel of oneiric imagery to drown yourself in. Lithe bass moves languidly furl along opalescent synth tides in some kind of post-trance hypnagogic state, slowly but surely tunneling their way into the listener mind’s most secret places. Swinging the pendulum between nostalgic meditation and subtle floor-focused bounciness, this one’s a winner.

____​+ is released via Jungle Gym Records on 1st September, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. L.T.C.
A2. R-Glides
A3. Shouan Shawn
A4. *
B1. 2.14
B2. Broken FX
B3. Aisle / Aisle
B4. C-r

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