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Premiere: Jack Ward – My Angel Rocks 4th & Back

Describing his music as an attempt to bring queer ecstasy to the dancefloor, Jack Ward makes tracks that riff on nineties club tropes, infusing them with a pop sensibility. His taste for addictive hooks coupled with rave-ready formulas results in music that’s both infectious and effective in equal measure.

The title of this self-released track is a cheeky nod to Four Tet’s ‘My Angel Rocks Back And Forth‘, a melancholic number from the British producer’s third album. Jack sought the artist’s blessing before running with this title, expressing his thanks that the artist’s team were receptive to his idea.

Layering chirpy flutes, crystalline synths and soaring pads over an iconic break, this track’s got ecstatic energy in abundance. While it’s not looking to rewrite the rulebook, it’s certainly got addictive potential and is likely to please crowds and home listeners alike.

‘My Angel Rocks 4th & Back’ is out now. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. My Angel Rocks 4th & Back