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Premiere: jadzia – Habitat

Aiming to spotlight “music that has been lurking in the shadows of the Reykjavík underground”, Sweaty Records is helmed by some of Iceland’s most exciting producers, live acts and DJs. Their seventh release arrives courtesy of jadzia and provides an exciting insight into the producer’s high-octane take on electro.

Since releasing her first music as jadzia back in 2019, Kolbrún Klara has gained support from some of electro’s biggest names including Steffi and Helena Hauff. It’s little wonder that these artists have been grabbed by her sound given the attention to detail and steely tones that characterise her music.

The 4 adrenaline-fuelled cuts on ‘Connection’ are primed for DJs stoking the fire during the night’s sweatiest moments. The sci-fi tones of ‘Solar Cells’ are a real highlights, but our pick is ‘Habitat’, a particularly fidgety number that balances haunting synths and sinister bass.

‘Connection’ is scheduled for release 4 November via Sweaty Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Virtual Network
2. Impact Event
3. Solar Cells
4. Habitat