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Warp line up 30 year anniversary reissue of ‘Artificial Intelligence’

Originally released in 1992, ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ was the first in a new series of albums put together by Warp Records to exhibit the capabilities and sounds of electronic music, best suited for post-club moments and glass table sessions.

Featuring 10 tracks from The Dice Man (Aphex Twin), Autechre, Speedy J, I.A.O, Musicology, Up! (Richie Hawtin) and Dr Alex Patterson (The Orb) – ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was celebrated for its music and prog rock styled gatefold sleeve designed by The Designers Republic depicting a cover image of a robot blowing smoke rings whilst reclining on an armchair.

To celebrate its 30th Anniversary, Warp will reissue the seminal compilation in December, available in LP and digital formats, as well as a special long or short sleeve t-shirt bundle and tote bag.

‘Artificial Intelligence’ is scheduled for release 9 December 2022. Order a copy from Bleep.


A1. The Dice Man – Polygon Window
A2. Musicology – Telefone 529
A3. Autechre – Crystal
A4. I.A.O – The Clan
A5. Speedy J – De-Orbit
B1. Musicology – Premonition
B2. UP! – Spiritual High
B3. Autechre – The Egg
B4. Dr Alex Paterson – Loving You Live

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