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Premiere: Ziyiz – A Fool

Once again, the beloved bass-brewing imprint Kindergarten has graced Inverted Audio with an iridescent new EP, courtesy of Leeds-based artist Ziyiz.

Not far removed from their initial appearance on the label’s ‘Fluo II’ compilation last year, they return to Kindergarten with a delightfully corruptible four-tracker entitled ‘Pattern Factory Method’. While that may sound alarming, let us assure you it is not – the EP is based upon the concept of a corrupted hard drive found in the Yorkshire Moors – and hearing it splayed upon the doldrums is an experience that’s impressive as much as it is invigorating.

There is a level of catharsis and compunction that’s hidden beneath the layers of dramatic melodics, tumultuous bass and rhythmic revelry. Today’s premiere – ‘A Fool’ – digs into the mystery that lies within the through-line that exists amongst the whole journey, this is certainly Kindergarten’s most ambitious EP release to date. Check out the track after the jump and hear it for yourself.

‘Pattern Factory Method’ is scheduled for release on 4 November via Kindergarten. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Please
2. Engineered Vessels
3. Sprung Skeleton
4. A Fool