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Premiere: Jaures – Volto Notturno (qqq B. Jurnata)

Since they broke through in 2014, Jaures have been astutely navigating in the folds between industrial, no wave and techno, carefully polishing their craft whilst stacking up choice platters on Die Orakel and Uncanny Valley’s offshoot Shtum.

For their fourth iteration and ahead of their third solo delivery on Oliver Hafenbauer’s imprint, the German pair turn up on Barnt’s ever-daring Magazine – a label celebrating the bold and spirited in all their forms, as attested by their most recent outing: a full-on metal album courtesy of the mysterious ZON. A promising combo to say the very least.

Praised be the lord of off-kilter, soul-sucking floor crushers for finding in Jaures his most loyal disciples here below. Our premiere, ‘Volto Notturno (qqq B. Jurnata)‘ is a spooky industrial melter, bedecked with chopped-up vox samples, church choirs and birdsong. Bathed in a black-clad, baroque atmosphere, the track pulsates to the syncopated throb of the duo’s signature drum motifs. Mazy rococo techno.

Blanke Helle is released via Magazine on 28th October, pre-order a vinyl copy from Kompakt


A1. Blanke Helle
B1. Volto Notturno (qqq B. Jurnata)
B2. Kl Drohl

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