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Premiere: JCow – Groove Ryder

If you see Berlin’s Warning label in a record bin, you’re looking at a black and yellow mark of quality rave material. From their inception right up to date, each release marks their expanding role as part of the German capital’s nightlife scene. Their next release, ‘WAR1204’ from JCow, sees the Warning train rolling on, locked on the same great rails.

WAR1204‘ marks JCow’s debut EP, following a single, released via the Warning house in September 2021, which is now revealed as an appetiser for the main course. While the single is a good primer for seekers of twisting euphoric dance music, drawing in influences from all kinds of ‘floor fillling genres as well as an example of tasteful application of subtle guitar to dance music patterns, there’s no doubt that the full EP doubles down and demonstrates a more fully articulated message from JCow.

Our premiere is ‘Groove Ryder‘, a shot across the bow of plain repetitive floor material: working with minimalistic slices of sound to build groove and tension, sourced from guitar, sax and myriad electronic means, ‘Groove Ryder‘ does precisely what it says on the tin. Making excellent use of shrill walls of sound in the brief interludes between the strident beat, JCow struts stylishly across a floor carved from firm drum rhythms and creative, tongue-in-cheek phrases of sound that’ll lift the corners of your mouth as much as it does your dancing feet.

‘WAR1204’ is scheduled for release 25 March via Warning. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Magma
2. Purity of Spirit
3. Groove Ryder
4. Rave Patrol (Acid Fiend Mix)