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Premiere: Jensen Interceptor – E L E K T R O

If the name Jensen Interceptor primarily evokes frantic grand touring and roaring horsepowers, it’s since become synonymous with gusty 303 showers and fevered breaks thanks to Aussie electro producer Mikey Melas, responsible for a massive stream of releases in 2018 with EPs for the likes of E-Beamz, Private Persons, Power Station, CPU and his own International Chrome imprint, plus a much acclaimed debut album – ‘Mother‘ – issued through Maceo Plex’s Lone Romantic.

On his latest for Glasgow’s Craigie Knowes, Melas puts on his deep-sea diver suit and revs up the engine of his midget submarine right onto craggy and hostile Drexciyan depths. Inspired by old VHS surf tapes that he used to watch when growing up, ‘The Ultimate Wave Riding Vehicle‘ swings the pendulum between face-melting breaks and cascades of low-slung acid arpeggios, providing the ideal material for an extended night out across Mu’s submerged dancefloors.

As its title suggests, our premiere ‘E L E K T R O‘ is an ode to the genre with its nasty combo of uptempo drums, alien-imported 303 bursts and robot vox enumerations, driven forward by a mighty buildup in true Jensen Interceptor fashion. On to a steady simmer, the groove’s fierce and the pH quickly turns to candy apple red. Speeding up the Atlantis highway up Saturn’s Rings’ fast-track at full-throttle, this one’s a proper unstoppable, sweat-inducing roller. Pedal to the effin’ metal!

The Ultimate Wave Riding Vehicle is out now via Craigie Knowes, order a copy from Juno.


A1. Aqua Lung
A2. Wave Slave
B2. Biometric

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