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Premiere: Joel Eel – Signs Of A Broken Heart

Sometimes you wanna shimmy when your relationship is on the rocks. That’s where Korean-Canadian producer Joel Eel comes in; with a lead-up to his new self-released LP, entitled ‘Performing a Crime’ he extrapolates emotions unearthed from mixed feelings, mixed communications and ultimately, communication breakdowns.

Enter “Signs Of A Broken Heart” – a pulsating industrial shapeshifter with the poignancy of a siren song in the darkest of nights. With tunes like these, dancing through the feelings could be a breakthrough in the process.

Performing a Crime is scheduled for release 14th September 2018. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Sapphire
2. Leather Love Letter
3. Signs Of A Broken Heart
4. Man Of Color, My Machine
5. Performing A Crime
6. Body Builder
7. Garden Of Roses

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