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Premiere: Kosh – Chaos in the City

Curated by Ralph Lawson, 20/20 Vision’s ‘Exit Planet Earth‘ series kicked off a couple of years ago and has since released eight extended players from some of the most in-demand electro producers working today.

Their latest compilation ‘Exit Planet Earth – Launch’ pieces together choice cuts from the label’s releases thus far. It’s clear that the imprint’s raison d’être is to showcase the brightest stars in the electro universe, artists like Annie Hall, Egyptian Lover, DeFeKT and Sansibar.

First appearing on the crucial Moroccan label Casa Voyager a few years ago, Kosh has been on a roll ever since. An attempt to express both sadness and hopes for the future, ‘Chaos in the City’ is a tribute to the artist’s hometown of Casablanca, a city that can be particularly chaotic during rush hours.

‘Exit Planet Earth – Launch’ is scheduled for release 9 December via 20/20 Vision. Take a listen here.


1. Futurenauts – We are the Futurenauts
2. Egyptian Lover x Soul Clap – Hai Karate (Dub)
3. Reptant & Dashiell – Gortexia
4. Kosh – Chaos in the City
5. Mr Ho & Xiaolin – No Change To How I Feel
6. Zobol – Data Wars
7. James Shinra – Launch
8. Ste Roberts – Rebirth 2_0
9. Lost Souls of Saturn – Karma is Back
10. Kim Cosmik – Moonrise
11. Sound Synthesis – You are the Force
12. Extrawelt – Hail The Whale (The Coexisting mix)
13. CKFT (Keith Tucker x Carl Finlow) – Coder
14. London Modular Alliance – Lump of Coal
15. DeFeKT – Radar
16. The Advent x Zein Ferreira – Carpe Diem
17. Sansibar – Tamagotchi
18. The Exaltics & Paris The Black Fu – wea poni zedin form ation
19. Konerytmi – Pulssi
20. Telephasycx! – Index Case
21. Cignol – 51D
22. Mick Wilson x August Artier – Akira’s Cry
23. Annie Hall – Invisible dust
24. Alfred – Galaxy Quest
25. Ivna Ji – Rescape