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Premiere: Lack – Satin

After a couple interesting appearances on Cong Burn, Manchester-based producer Charlie Foy – alias Lack – finally steps up with his debut solo effort on Blank Mind.

Written during long-haul train journeys, then re-arranged and given the ultimate polish in the studio, the three tracks comprising ‘Satin‘ explore the spaces betwixt entwined organic envelopes, processed machine talk and further streamlined synthetic soundscapes to create a dialogue at the intersection of evocatively hued kinematics, dubbed-out rhythms and hazed-out, hypnagogic abstraction.

A most eloquent specimen of Lack’s subtle craft, the title-track ‘Satin‘ belongs in a sphere of its own, sitting half-way laid-back club music and widescreen ambient. Exposing Foy’s mix of “transients from field recordings to trigger machines, as well as granular synthesis and resampling techniques“, the track archs over serene textural folds and rhythmic progs brilliantly. Forget about pure club pyrotechnics and ASMR sleep triggers, Lack’s got exactly what you don’t know you need. Bad.

Satin is out now via Blank Mind, order a copy from Bandcamp.


  1. Elementary Means
  2. Satin
  3. Overground

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