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Premiere: LCY – Milan

Los Angeles collective and radio show Sisters Of Sound gather a selection of some of the most vital and innovative names in dance music right now to form their new label, SOS Music.

The inaugural compilation continues the collective’s long-standing dedication to celebrating and fighting the corner for female and non-binary voices in dance music. With a roster from rRoxymore to Nene H, Umfang to LCY, it’s as vital as can be.

Our premiere ‘Milan’ shows LCY revealing her skills in cramming a 3-minute space with as much fun as you can get: dead-centre on the Venn diagram of UK dance culture, the track slaloms around a deft balance of grime and breakbeat, with a UKG flex that primes the track for subtle blends and cross-fader mayhem.

‘SOS Music Vol.1’ is scheduled for release 23 October. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Hinako Omori – Dopamine
2. rRoxymore – Price of Highest Consciousness
3. Nightwave – Sacred Heart
4. Umfang – Complete Your Collection
5. Masha – Doris Day
6. Maddy Maia – Obsesión Romántica
7. C Love – Possédée
8. Violet – Search and Find
9. Lara Sarkissian – Fortress in the Clouds
10. LCY – Milan
11. Minimal Violence – Next Time
12. Nene H – Mad Love
13. Maral – Only the Sound Will Last
14. Ivy Barkakati – Reactivar