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Premiere: Lostsoundbytes – Disable Connection

Big Science Records are set to release their next full-length offering. ‘Parallel Intrusion’ is the first appearance on the label by Lostsoundbytes, whose caustic electronics are in keeping with the type of coarse machine music favoured by the Lyonese imprint.

Under the alias Lostsoundbytes, Bèn Leray deals in sinister tones. As a live performer and also producer, he draws on a wide range of influences to concoct his gloomy industrial sound. He’s also the brains behind Vastechoses Records, releasing a steady stream of tapes since 2015.

Many of the tracks on ‘Parallel Intrusion’ feel as if they are trying to break away from the obligations of meter. This is certainly the case on ‘Disable Connection’. Cloaked in lo-fi fuzz, the track fluctuates between heavyset thuds and flurries of urgent breakbeat action.

‘Parallel Intrusion’ is scheduled for release 25 October via Big Science Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Parallel Intrusion
2. You’re Fired
3. Interlude
4. Killing The Name feat. Von Helvet
5. Dogme Paradox
6. Where am I?
7. Liquid Dimension
8. Depth Trap
9. I Meet The Devil
10. Disable Connection
11. Radioactiv Outro