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Premiere: Low Jack – Wheel

One year after torpedoing his ‘Riddims du Lieu-dit‘ ordnance onto worldwide dance floors with devastating effect, Philippe Hallais aka Low Jack strikes again with ‘Jingles du Lieu-dit‘, this time taking cues from cheap radio interludes and jingles, perverting them into proper off-kilter, mid-tempo dancehall churners and further introvert atmospheric dub digressions, true to his trademark knee-buckling style.

Triggering off bold new floor dynamics, the whirling and trampling closer ‘Wheel‘ gets its high-power pneumatic cylinders roaring and steely pistons in motion straightaway, all set to take over the club in brazenly muscular fashion. As is usual with Low Jack, primary focus is overtly on the percussive lines but the background textural dressing lacks no depth either, offering a wealth of puzzling contrapuntal interplays and polyphonic webbing for your ears to pick from at any time. Madness.

‘Jingles du Lieu-dit’ is out now, order a copy from Bandcamp. Low Jack performs at 10 Years of Inverted Audio at Griessmuehle alongside Kassem Mosse on Wednesday 10 July. Full information here.


A1. Shell
A2. More Speed
A3. Dinner
B1. Lasers
B2. Find Them
B3. Wheel

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