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Premiere: M.S.L. – Hydrolic

Hague-based techno and experimental electronics label BAKK cap off an 11-year run with ‘xoxo‘, a triple LP swan song compilation featuring Legowelt, Aurora Halal, SFV Acid, and Haron, among others. The release spans sprawling dub techno, ambient house, and slow burn electronica.

Today’s premiere highlights the contribution of Montreal, Quebec duo M.S.L. With past releases on Model Future and Les Yeux Orange, M.S.L. return to BAKK following 2018’s ‘Re-Adapt‘ EP. Their track, “Hydrolic“, ups the intensity for a dense, brightly lit techno churner. Slimy synths combine with slightly distorted, pummeling percussion for a meteoric rush of dark dance energy. “Hydrolic“, along with the rest of the record’s 11 tracks, provides a fitting conclusion to a unique voice in the electronic landscape.

‘xoxo’ is scheduled for release on 23rd March via BAKK. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Legowelt – Bos Ochtend Mist
2. Aurora Halal – Spiral
3. Antenna – Break Flute
4. SFV acid – UrbanFury128
5. M.S.L. – Hydrolic
6. RAFF – Radiant
7. Tala Drum Corps – Gargoyle
8. GEN-Y – SkyStalker
9. Oceanic – Dala
10. Don’t DJ – nos(e)care
11. Haron – De Papaverparade