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Premiere: Marlon Hoffstadt – Parallel Thoughts

Berlin native Marlon Hoffstadt established the imprint Midnight Themes in 2017 as an outlet for his original productions, which filter various shades of house and techno through a dub-conscious, minimalist lens.

The inaugural 12”, MT001, set a promising precedent with four tracks that veered between of aerated techno and stripped-back, analogue house, tones that are explored further on following releases shared in 2018.

The latest offering from Midnight Themes is a two-part release titled “Law Of Attraction”. Across two extended players that comprise an album’s worth of material, Hoffstadt journeys between diverse moods and varied tempos, nonetheless forming a cohesive statement that’s marked by a sense of expansion and depth, building cavernous, echo-filled spaces from vaporous reverb.

Today’s premiere is lifted from that release’s second disc. “Parallel Thoughts” is a transportive dub-techno masterwork, built from infinite delays that echo outward into the stratosphere. Minute sounds divide and repeat endlessly, converging to weave a gossamer tapestry of sound that shifts, ripples and pulses in gentle cycles, resulting in something that owes more to ambient than techno.

‘Law Of Attraction (Part Two)’ is scheduled for release 7th December 2018 via Midnight Themes, order a copy via Bandcamp.

Berlin – Join Marlon Hoffstadt on Saturday 8th December to celebrate the release of both EPs at Salon Zur Wilden Renate alongside DMX Krew, Kowton, Meggy, Gigsta and more.


1. Digital Desire
2. Parallel Thoughts
3. I Ride With The Stars
4. Into The Deeper Vibe

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