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Premiere: Mathis Ruffing – Raytraced

Berlin-based booking agency and label Transatlantic enlist Mathis Ruffing for their next full-length release. The producer’s new album feels very much aligned with the type of glossy high-velocity dance music that the label have become known for.

Infinite Drift co-founder Mathis Ruffing is a bit of a stylistic chameleon, equally adept at crafting snappy electro as celestial breakbeat action. On ‘Skybox’, Ruffing deploys adrenaline-fuelled club tracks alongside snapshots of immersive ambient worlds.

Skyboxes allow game designers to create the illusion of infinite space by projecting visuals onto the edge of the game world, a space that is in fact a cube. Through digital means, the shimmering ambient construction ‘Raytraced’ also hints at a world just out of reach, one which we could almost step into.

‘Skybox’ is scheduled for release 16 December via Transatlantic. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Ultranova
2. Exoteric
3. Hitherto
4. Crater Edge
5. Skybox
6. Maziora
7. Glazed
8. Raytraced