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Premiere: Merdh Laleh – A/ Not A Breach, Repeat

Following a first appearance on the label’s inaugural VA, ‘Embrace‘, Copenhagen-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Merdh Laleh returns to Petrola 80 with his debut long-player ‘Water For Your Eyes‘, taking us for a compellingly deep and hypnotic journey across haunted ambient scopes and fleshly textured electro-acoustic folds, which proves an emotionally submerging listen throughout.

Our premiere ‘A/ not A breach, repeat‘ operates in the interstices betwixt murky drone dynamics, wistfully melodic instrumentals and a touch of verbed-out Ligetian dissonance. By turns distressful and thunderous, then seamlessly veering off the runway onto further serene and fulfilling horizons in a caress, Laleh’s music is one to be felt and experienced as an existential parenthesis, both symbolic and mysterious – sometimes an oasis, sometimes a black hole. Rewarding, always.

Water For Your Eyes is out now via Petrola 80, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Water For Your Eyes
2. A/Not A Breach, Repeat
3. In Katabatic Wind
4. As Inanna
5. Wedde
6. Peripety
7. Bliss Amidst Unknown Unknowns
8. Past Perennial Haze
9. Here You Come Again
10. H4twag

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