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Premiere : Mondowun – Artificial Base Of Love (Deeper Jungle Edit)

Following their inaugural label compilation last year, featuring Yung Lemon and Eastern Distributor, Sydney-based Eko-system imprint line up the release of ‘Frequent Flyer‘ by Australian producer Mondowun.

Stepping up with four intergalactic tracks, Mondowun sails us away from our synthetic consciousness with fleet-foot Drum & Bass rhythms, end-of-the-world bass and flecks of ethereal trance.

An interstellar voyage through fast-paced jungle meteorites, hypnotic melodies and plangent planetary vibrations. Our pick from the release is ‘Artificial Base of Love (Deeper Jungle Edit)‘ – an ode to intrepid Junglist’s and K-induced worm holes.

‘Frequent Flyer’ is scheduled for release on 17th August via Eko-system. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Frequent Flyer
2. Hyperstep
3. Artificial Base of Love (Deeper Jungle Edit)
4. Port Communication