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Hanagasumi Records line up compilation featuring Shine Grooves, Bipolardepth, Ronin

Hanagasumi Records line up a 10-track label compilation presenting a “multi-genre” collection of new and underground voices in IDM and ambient-leaning electronica.

Despite such a limited discography, mostly showcasing the output of label founder Shine Grooves, ‘Hanagasumi Friends I’ features the likes of Seal Bient & Jon’Smu, Bipolardepth, and Psor, among others.

As a various artist compilation, ‘Hanagasumi Friends I‘ plays as a cohesive slice of hazy, low key headphone electronica that touches on glitchy IDM to minimal dub techno.

‘Hanagasumi Friends I ‘LP is scheduled for release on the 20th September via Hanagasumi Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Shine Grooves – Kamerton
2. Seal Bient & Jon’Smu – Gods Gave
3. Bipolardepth – Caleidoscope (Rework)
4. Michel – The Sun Changed To Rain (feat. Shine Grooves)
5. Psor – Smelless
6. Jon’Smu – Muy Fragil
7. Ryabina – Fabrika
8. Ronin – Kwas
9. Phoboz – Lionwave
10. X343 – Runout 08.03