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Pom Pom: Untitled

On this new release for Ostgut Ton, you’d think Pom Pom would be ready to step out of the Vantablack shadows covering their album covers. Nope: Pom Pom decides to luxuriate in it, and ‘Untitled’ is no exception to the rule.


Slam need little introduction, the Glaswegian duo made up of Orde Meikle and Stuart McMillan established Soma Quality Recordings in 1991. For the past twenty years
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Freude Am Tanzen 5Zig

1. Kadebostan – Mother Cries
2. Monkey Maffia – Cruciante Ligament Dub
3. Taron-Trekka – Noo Sun
4. Douglas Greed feat. Delhia de France – Back Room Deal
5. Marek Hemmann – Pictures (feat. Fabian Reichelt)
6. Mathias Kaden – Red Walls
7. Krause Duo – Drunkie Skunkie
8. Daniel Stefanik – Tension in Leipzig
9. Kabebostan – Mon Petit Soleil D’Algerie
10. Robag Wruhme – Halfbolle
11. Juno6 – Guununk
12. No Accident in Paradise – Exit9

Various: Uncanny Valley 003

1. One Day in Metropia – Night Train
2. Credit 00 – Eiserne Lunge
3. Stefan Lohse – Fog Patches
4. Projektname Unbekannt – Dresden, den 15.05.2005