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Wolfgang Voigt compiles a decade of archive and unreleased music as EARQUAKE

EARQUAKE marks Wolfgang Voigt’s most ambitious and prolific release to date – 303 tracks from the heydays of his multi-faceted musical output during the 1990s, including works from Love Inc, Mike Ink, Dextro NRG, M:I:5, Mint, Grungerman, W.V., Studio 1, Wassernmann, Strass, Filter and many more.

Available as a limited edition USB (303 units available / AIFF Lossless) and individual 320 MP3 digital download, EARQUAKE summarises in chronological order almost all of Voigt’s musical output during the 1990s, containing every single solo-project and an unreleased full length recorded in 1995 named “Mit Maschinen Sprechen” – 33 abstract electronic arpeggiator sound frescos.

Out of the 303 tracks, 75 are unreleased – the compilation does not contain any recordings from his GAS project, nor any artistic collaborations or releases with external copyrights. According to Kompakt – EARQUAKE will coincide with the release of a 12″ vinyl limited reissue of his classic Mike Ink “Dadajack” EP and there are more vinyl reissues and releases to come.

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