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Premiere: monovan – Athlon

Following Rob Belleville’s ‘Still Waters‘ EP in 2022, Rotterdam-based record label Fluid Electronics line up their first release of the year courtesy of Croatian producer monovan.

With just one digital release to his name, ‘RSOP‘ EP marks monovan’s debut physical release and features three tracks of deep house, electro and an IDM-inspired remix from Dutch producer Artileqt.

The more I listen to this EP, the more I think of the productions of Claro Intelecto and Move D – mainly due to to the deepness but also the clarity. Particularly on ‘Athlon‘ – booting up with an immersive synth, it whirs like a heaving wheeze of machinery, giving it a deeply mind expanding character, speckled with sci-fi bleeps.

‘RSOP’ EP is scheduled for release 17 February via Fluid Electronics. Order a copy


2. Athlon
3. Proton Decay
4. RSOP (Artileqt Remix)