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Premiere: Neida – The Hedera’s Kiss

Filled with rugged leftfield rave gear, Hassan Abou Alam’s recent ‘Ice’ EP was a definite highlight from the Nehza Records catalogue so far. Their latest release is filled with yet more innovative club tracks, French producer Neida returning to the Parisian label for a second outing.

Part of the Super Daronne collective and resident at Bodeaux’s boat-turned-club IBOAT, Neida is a competent DJ as well as a talented producer. ‘Orchid’ on Le Ciel Records and ‘Slowing’, the inaugural release on Nehza Records, are both well with checking out.

Merging old school flavours with more contemporary club aesthetics, our pick from Neida’s latest EP is ‘The Hedera’s Kiss’. Stuttering vocables, twisted bass and precision break splicing all come together on this forward-facing club cut.

‘False Nostalgia’ is scheduled for release 24 February via Nehza Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Sonar Chant
2. False Nostalgia
3. The Hedera’s Kiss
4. Light Pillar