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Q3AMBIENTFEST reveal 2023 lineup: Andrea Belfi, James Heather, Grand River, Hauschka

Taking place between 2 – 4 June, Germany’s annual three-day festival for neoclassical and experimental music is set to host a diverse array of local and international musicians at the former Kesselhaus brewery in Potsdam.

Organised and curated by award-winning poly-instrumental composers Brueder Selke, Q3AMBIENTFEST invites open-minded listeners to experience a contemporary sound spectrum encompassing classical instrumentation combined with electronic, as well as improvised collaborations with Brueder Selke.

This year’s edition features hand-picked musicians primed to showcase their art through analogue and virtual performances. A selection of artists performing include; Jakob Lindhagen & Vargkvint, Dirk Markham, Julia Reidy, Alex Stolze & Ben Osborn, Austarda, Sofi Paez, Laura Cannell, Grand River, Mabe Fratti, Yair Elazar Glotman & Johannes Malfatti, Brueder Selke, Sergio Díaz de Rojas & Cedric Vermue, Villemin, Will Samson, Ben Osborn, Hélène Vogelsinger, Tim Linghaus and Simon Ansing. Scroll down for the complete lineup.

Q3AMBIENTFEST is part of Keychange, a global movement advocating for a sustainable music industry and gender equality led by the PRS Foundation and supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe program. Since 2018, it has received funding from the Brandenburg state capital Potsdam.

Photo by Roman Koblov


Midori Hirano (JP) / Anne Müller (DE) / Stefano Guzzetti (IT) / Kinbrae (UK) / John Metcalfe (US) / Martyn Heyne (DE) / Sophie Hutchings (AU) / Shinya Sugimoto (JP) / Jeremy Young (US) / Marina Baranova (UA) / Ed Carlsen (IT) / Illuminine (BE) / Takeshi Nishimoto (JP) / Carlos Cipa (DE) / Tobias Lichtmann (DE) / Christoph Berg (DE) / Lisa Morgenstern (DE) / Andrea Belfi (IT) / Dirk Markham (DE) / Paddy Mulcahy (IR) / Enzo Caterino (IT) / Marco Caricola (IT) / Kelly Wyse (US) / Hania Rani (PL) / Jakob Lindhagen & Vargkvint (SE) / Masayoshi Fujita (JP) / Diane Barbé (FR) / Oliver Hölcke (DE) / Oriel Quartett (UK) / Clemens Christian Pötzsch (DE) / AVA (UK) / LAVALU (NE) / Simon Goff (UK) / Aidan Baker (CA) / F.S. Blumm (DE) / Marc Marcovic (DE) / SOMA (RU) / Snowdrops (FR) / Poppy Ackroyd (UK) / Chikiss (BR) / Pianofield (UK) / Sergio Díaz De Rojas (PE) / Simeon Walker (UK) / Marie Awadis (AR) / Grand River (NL/IT) / Hoshiko Yamane (JP) / Lau Nau (FI) / David Allred (US) / Heinali (UA) / Resina (PL) / Laure Boer (FR/DE) / Ell Kendall (UK) / Mara Simpson (UK) / Melodilalia (PL) / Vaghy (HU) / Hauschka (DE) / Alvin Lucier’s The Ever Present Orchestra (WW) / Ausklang (DE) / James Heather (UK) / Andi Otto (DE) / Liam Byrne (UK) / Thomas Ankersmit (NL) / Perila (RU) / Ale Hop (PE) / Mabe Fratti (PE) / Robert Ames (UK) / Ben Corrigan (UK) / Justina Jaruseviciute (LI) / Echo Collective (UK) / Tom Blankenberg (DE) / Simon McCorry (UK) / Johannes Malfatti (DE) / Lucas Alvarado (CH) / Nathan Shubert (UK) / 5 String Theory (RU) / Thisquietarmy (CA) / Hellenica (CA) / Laura Cannell (UK) / Dirk Markham (UK) / Julia Reidy (AU) / Alex Stolze (DE) / Austarda (CA) / Sofi Paez (CR) / Yair Elazar Glotman (IL) / Cedric Vermue (NL) / Villemin (FR) / Will Samson (UK) / Ben Osborn (UK) / Hélène Vogelsinger (FR) / Tim Linghaus (DE) / Simon Ansing (DE) & Brueder Selke (DE)