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Premiere : Oblako Maranta – Congarella Di Luna (Zillas On Acid Remix)

Now on the cusp of their fifteenth release, Berlin-based Thisbe Recordings line up seven obscure disco cuts – courtesy of Oblako Maranta, an alliance between St-Petersburg-based brotherhood Radial Gaze and Italian producer A-Tweed.

Following appearances on Theus Mago’s record label Duro, New York-based Samo Records and Pho Bho, Oblako Maranto presents ‘Trance Beckenbauer‘ – a sci-fi sonic novel oscillating between android tribal, neo-noir disco and slow burners for the 12th man. Ahead of that come two remixes from Making Time’s nightlife maneuvers Zillas On Acid and Mexican dark disco sensation Iñigo Vontier.

Our pick from the release is ‘Congarella Di Luna (Zillas on Acid Remix)‘ – thanks to Philadelphia-based producing duo Zillas On Acid’s tribal signature fusing trippy synth lines, supersonic basslines, virtual psalms and dark rhythms. There’s nothing less than an artificial conga-driven ritual soundtrack for space gorillas.

‘Trance Beckenbauer’ EP is scheduled for release on 3 November via Thisbe Recordings. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Trance Beckenbauer
2. Putos Mosquitos
3. Congarella Di Luna
4. Analog Garbage
5. Putos Mosquitos – (Iñigo Vontier Remix)
6. Congarella Di Luna (Zillas on Acid Remix)
7. Analog Garbage (Dub version)