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Premiere: Photonz – In A Dream

Today’s premiere is an ever-present conundrum that delights in its duality; a slow-burn stunner courtesy of Portugal’s very own Photonz. After an excellent release to close out 2018 with ‘Etheric Body Music’ EP for Dark Entries, he releases a thoughtful four-tracker for a label that hits closer to home in Naive.

Founded by fellow Lisbon native Violet, the label has been known to bend the barriers of house and techno by embracing an effervescent sense of interplay between artists who release on it; whether it be talents like Almaty, Eris Drew or Octo Octa; the label’s sense of evolution is apparent with every release — and with Photonz’s Angel Heart EP, it reaches further heights by digging into the effortless craft that’s imbued in this tight four-tracker.

Our pick “In A Dream” is a track that’s a bit more rougher-edged than the rest of the EP, but acts as a sturdy counterpoint to set the tone within a thoughtful dancefloor. Needling the sensibilities of electro and EBM alike, this track ascends into mysterious territory by playfully leading us with its cold, crisp percussion alongside a melodic line that mischievously dips towards the darkness. Take a dive for yourself and see how deep you go; it’s bound to get you moving in ways you didn’t think possible.

‘Angel Heart’ EP is scheduled for release 21 June 2019. Order a copy from Boomkat.


1. Angel Heart
2. In a Dream
3. Baggy Kru
4. Emerald City
5. Emerald City (Almaty Remix)

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