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Premiere: Plasman – Neon Plant

With 15 years of operation under their belt, Milan-based record label 51Beats deliver ‘Variable Mira’ – 6 stargazing murmurs courtesy of analog misfit Plasman, formerly of Cani Giganti, an Italian techno trio.

Following appearances on Italian imprint Stato Elettrico, Electronic Fog Records, and label-owned 51beats – ‘Variable Mira‘ transports listeners to the opaque, meteorite-encrusted realm. Across 6 -tracks, Plasman operates confidentially in an interconnected sound lab full of torn magnetic tapes, interconnected modular patch panels, and kosmische synthesizers.

Our pick from the release is ‘Neon Plant’ – thanks to its nebulous soundscapes entangled with swirls of experimental arpeggios and twirling atmospherics. This is nothing less than a memory-whirlpool OST, in the tradition of neocosmic producers like Jonathan Fitoussi.

‘Variable Mira’ is scheduled for release on 29th September via 51Beats. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Variable Mira
2. No Gravity Landing
3. Banyan Walk
4. Levitating Chords
5. Lost Dimension
6. Neon Plant